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Do you offer samples of finishes and display options?

Certainly! We want all collectors to have complete peace of mind and confidence about what they’ll receive with each purchase. Please contact us to learn more about our Collector’s Possibilities sample kits.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Purchases of items within our Boutique will typically ship within two business days. Limited and Open Editions will ship within one to three weeks, depending on the details of your request.

Do you accept rush orders?

Attempting to rush the production of fine art will almost always result in a less than perfect finished piece. Therefore, we will typically refrain from accepting rush requests.

How do you ship orders? Is pickup available?

Most orders will be shipped using UPS or USPS.

For collectors local to our studio in Destin, Florida, pickup or personal delivery may be available. Please inquire prior to placing your order to confirm availability.

May I order a capture that I saw in one of your books, social posts, or videos, but that isn’t presented in your gallery?

Some captures may no longer be available as they were a Limited Edition that has been fully collected. Other captures may no longer be available as they were an Open Edition that has been retired. If the capture does not meet either of these criteria, then it may be available for purchase. Please inquire with a description of your preferred capture (where you saw it, preferred display, etc.). Please note that these custom requests are currently reserved for Crest Club members.

May I order a capture in a size or display option not presented on your website?

We will do our best to accommodate your request. This privilege is currently reserved for Crest Club members.

What is your return policy?

For ready-to-ship items purchased from our Boutique Collection, we offer a fourteen day return policy. Item(s) must be returned in brand new and unpresented/unused/unopened condition in order to qualify for a refund. Returns are subject to a ten percent inspection and repackaging fee. Please follow the instructions included with your order to initiate a return request.

For all Limited and Open Editions, we do not accept returns. In the rare occurrence of your order arriving damaged, we will promptly replace it at our expense. We encourage all collectors to request a Collector’s Possibilities Package, which includes samples of our finishes and display options. This provides collectors with complete peace of mind and confidence about what will be received.


How are your editions produced?

Certain prints and giclées are produced in our studio. Larger sizes and mounted and framed display options are produced by a partner artisan in Germany.

What is the difference between Limited and Open Editions?

Open Editions are offered to collectors without end, whereas each Limited Edition has a pre-determined total offering. Once a Limited Edition is fully collected, it will never be offered to collectors again. Open Editions will be offered in perpetuity or until we decide to retire the capture.

Tell me more about your Limited Editions.

Zach selects his best and favorite captures to be offered exclusively as Limited Editions. The size or run of each edition may vary, but once the edition is fully collected, the capture will never be offered to collectors again. Each time a collector orders a Limited Edition capture, regardless of the dimensions or display specifications, that piece counts towards the edition’s count.

Limited Editions are excellent selections for collectors that appreciate exclusivity and uniqueness in addition to the moment in time captured.

Special Requests & Services

Do you offer consultations?

Due to the demand for consultation requests, and Zach’s limited availability, collector consultations are currently reserved for Crest Club members. Upon approval and membership, Crest Club members will be given information on how to request a consultation.

Do you work with and/or assist professional designers?

We welcome designers to contact us.

Do you accept assignments/consignments?

Zach typically has expeditions planned for the upcoming one to two years, so there is limited time available for custom requests. However, you are welcome to share the details of your specific request.

Do you work with distributors/wholesalers?

Serving collectors that prioritize appreciating the beauty of creation with our exclusive captures is our mission. We are not interested in any activities or opportunities that diminish this.

If you represent a gallery or appropriate venue for connecting collectors with fine art, please inquire.

Do you offer photography instruction/workshops?

We are not currently accepting students, mentees, or offering workshops.

Zach is dedicated to his expeditions and explorations, and continuing to offer the finest captures of creation to discerning collectors.

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