As many of you know, in March I had the incredible privilege of visiting Costa Rica. 

This was my first visit not just to Costa Rica, but Central America. My expectations were continually shattered and surpassed in ways that were impossible to anticipate. The creatures and colors that I saw seemed impossible; had I not seen them with my own eyes, I likely would have assumed they were fake. 

During this expedition that lasted almost two weeks, I visited the mountainous cloud forest of Monteverde, as well as the Osa Peninsula on the invisible border between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulfo Dulce. These were two very different environments, but each provided diverse and seemingly endless opportunities for observing colorful creatures. 

Many have asked me about my plans for sharing my captures, so I’m happy to finally formally announce them:

Today I am publishing Part I of my two-part series documenting this expedition. It is available for viewing now, and Part II will be released in mid to late May. 


I’m still going through and curating my favorites from the 74,000+ captures I made during the expedition. I will be releasing my Costa Rica Collection later this summer, which will include numerous Limited and Open Editions. There will also be some special benefits for the earliest collectors, so be sure you’re subscribed to my emails so that you don’t miss out!

I have long had plans of launching a book series based on the journals from my expeditions. This trip will be the focus of my first such offering: Exploration Journal: Costa Rica 2024. This book will feature over 150 of my favorite captures, showcasing most everything I encountered. However, this isn’t just a “photo book,” as I know that no capture is truly complete without the story that accompanies it. This book is full of the stories of everything I experienced during my time in the cloud forest and on the Osa. At the time of writing, this book is now available for pre-order. Pre-orders will enjoy a complimentary upgrade which includes an exclusive signed 8x10”!


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Thank you so much for your continued support!


May 01, 2024 — Zach Jones